What is “e-shift”? (A society to fulfill denuclearization and new energy policy)


What is “e-shift”? (Association for nuclear power phase-out and new energy policies)

e-shift is a network of organizations and individuals established in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011. An overarching objective of e-shift is to facilitate a nuclear power phase-out and promote renewable energy policies to make Japanese society more ecological and sustainable.

Activities of e-shift are organized around the following goals:
(1) clarify responsibility for the nuclear disaster and minimize its damages to people;
(2) recommend energy policies promoting a nuclear power phase-out and sustainability as well as facilitate their implementation; and
(3) disseminate information to citizens and help them organize social movements.

e-shift is not a fixed group. Rather, it is a network of heterogeneous organizations and individuals. By combining their different and complementary strengths, e-shift aims to create a large-scale movement toward sustainable society that is wealthy and safe in the real sense.


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